Dj Raz

Rasmus ”Raz” Lindvall a.k.a. ”Dj Raz” is one among Swedens most famous and recognized dj:s, producer and songwriter.

After winning the Swedish DJ Mixing Championships in 1989 he formed the legendary duo Rob n Raz together with Robert ”Rob” Wåtz.

While spinning records all over the world Rob n Raz formed various concepts with different vocalists e.g. Rob n Raz featuring Leila K, Rob n Raz DLC with D-Flex and Lutricia Mcneal and Rob n Raz Circus.

With various hits all over the world such as: ”Got to Get”, ”In command”, ”Take a ride”, Rob n Raz made performances all over the world as DJ:s.

Dj Raz is also known for hosting various tv-shows as well as radio-shows in sweden.

As a songwriter/producer he has been involded in writing/producing hits for many artist e.g. D-flex, Loreen, Dj Mendez, Lutricia Mcneal, Jessica Andersson, E-type & Leila K and remixes/reproductions for Timo Diablo, The Lab Wizard, Magnus Uggla, Christer Sandelin, Mauro Scocco, Dj Bobo, Petrus, Abba, Titiyo and many more.

In 2012 he released the clubhit ”All for Love” under his own name Rasmus Raz Lindvall.


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